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The Thai Times is our society journal.  It is published three times a year and contains a wealth of material on all aspects of Thai philately.

All the 2018 issues have been dispatched to members in mid-January 2020. If you have not received your copies, please contact the Hon. Secretary.

The December 2018 issue (shown opposite) contains articles on:- RWH (Harold) Row and His Contemporaries, The Tical Surcharges of 1885, The Surcharges of 1889-1908, De La Rue Deliveries 1886-1896 and Quantities Issued, and Postal Organization of the Kingdom of Siam.

The August 2018 contains much about the Court Fee revenue stamps in the Erewan design.

The April 2018 issue contains a variety of topics including the very old (Royal Mail of Rama IV) and the very new (the Sala Definitives of 2017-2018).

The 2019 issues are in preparation and we hope to issue them together during 2020. The editor is always glad to receive more articles for publication.  You can contact the editor by emailing Editor (at) [You will have to remove the (at) and replace it yourself].


Sample articles can be downloaded as follows (copyright is retained by Thailand Philatelic Society and the authors).  The files are in PDF format and the password to open them is "TPS".