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  • The 'Att' surcharges of Siam 1889-1908 by Vincent P. Polizatto (on the old Exponet).
  • Siam by Auktionshaus  Christoph Gärtner (on the old  Exponet). 
  • Thailand Post. The official site of the Thailand Post Office.
  • The Siam Society. The Siam Society - Thailand promotes the preservation of Thai heritage, culture, art, nature, wildlife, flora, through its study trips, lectures, museum, exhibitions, and publications.
  • Christoph Gärtner -  German philatelic dealer with a large number of Thai items. There is a good search engine allowing easy access to well illustrated items.  As well as auctions, there is a price list of items in stock.
  • Bangkok Security Chops - Michel Houde's coverage of the genuine and fake firm's chops found on early "Bangkok B" overprint stamps.
  • The Anglo-Thai Society - Founded in 1962 to foster anglo-Thai relations
  • Linn Stamp News. The website of the world's largest weekly stamp newspaper.
  • Michael Rogers Asian Philately - An American auction house specialising in Asia. Latest news of all their public and postal auctions. Scans of important lots are available. Now merged with Kelleher Auctions.
  • Scouts on Stamps Society International - You will find some very interesting articles on the Scouts issues, try this link for example - Siam Scouts Overprints. (Thank you to Markku Peltoniemi for this one.)
  • The Hong Kong Study Circle.  
  • Exponet. The new version of the Virtual Philatelic Exhibition site. In development and can be difficult to find what you want, but still very interesting. 
  • Stamp Magazine. The home page of one of the UK's leading philatelic magazines.
  • Gibbons Stamp Monthly. The home page of another of the UK's leading philatelic magazines.
  • The Malaya Study Group.
  • The France and Colonies Philatelic Society. UK group's website in English.
  • The British Air Mail Society. The BAMS caters for anybody who has an interest in airmails of whatever period on a worldwide basis.All aero subjects are catered for including Balloons,Air Letters,Internal and External flights,Individual Airlines,Air Mail stamps,First Flights,Crash Mail,Zeppelins,and much much more.
    The Royal Philatelic Society London. The RPSL now requires you to search the catalogue, in which you can find Classic Siam Display Notes, 10 April 2008.  (Note that some items may not be visible unless you are an RPSL member and log in.)
  • World Stamp numbering System.

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