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We are a society based in the United Kingdom, but with members world-wide, who collect the stamps and postal history of Thailand. We provide:-

  • A journal published three-times a year in English
  • An annual postal auction
  • A library of over 500 books, articles, magazines, etc.
  • An exchange packet (currently only for UK members)
  • Meetings in London, the provinces and Bangkok
  • Help and advice to collectors

1 solot blue 1883

The next Annual General Meeting will be held in London, Friday 8th September 2017

We are trying a new venue and meeting at 12.30pm at the Royal National Hotel, where there is an all-day stamp fair. We shall move on to another place for the meeting, so please contact the Secretary if you plan to attend.

Exchange Packet re-launched

The first Exchange Packet for some time has finished its rounds.  This is only available to UK-based members (for insurance reasons) and contains relatively low-priced items. If you wish to join the packet circuit please contact the Secretary.

King Bhumipol: The World's Longest Stamp

Thailand issued the longest stamp in the world on 1st April 2017. It commemorates the seventy-year reign of King Bhumibol, who died last year. It is 170mm long.

Longest stamp